Monday, May 25, 2020

JUNE SNSO: Sword and Planet Adventures!

Summer is JUST ABOUT here and we've got a plethora of planetary escapism! Games are always free and you don't need anything to play. Newbies and veterans alike are encouraged to sign up!

Games fill up fast so set your sights on these science fantasy epics and sign up now!

Saturday, June 13 at 6:00 pm

Leading the way is John Carter of Mars, the classic tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs re-spun into a fantastic roleplaying game!

JOHN CARTER OF MARS: The Sand Sargasso of Mars

GM: John Till
Game system: John Carter of Mars from Modiphius
Chat platform: Zoom
On your way back to the Twin Cities of Helium from overthrowing the terrible tyrant of the City-State of Amhor, your flyer crashes in the desert amidst the ruins of numerous flyers that fell in a terrible ancient battle.  Can you find the parts you need to get back in the air? Are their treasures to find among the wrecked sky ships? And what is rumbling within the ruins?   

More futuristic fantasy...
GM Leo has cooked up something special with an original adventure for Masters of Umdaar, a setting  that pays tribute to themes like Masters of the Universe. And check out the art he illustrated for the game!

MASTERS OF UMDAAR: Have (Lo)Gun - Will Travel

GM: Leo Winstead
Game system: FATE Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions
Chat platform: Zoom
An evil master seeks the Gurn, a powerful relic of the ancients.  The cyborg creation of a mad inventor roams the desert, leaving a trail of misfortune in its wake. The cyborg holds the key to unlocking the relic's power.  It's up to the PCs to prevent the relic from falling in the wrong hands. 

Must Read: SNSO Online Games Primer
Before you beam up to our Zoom rooms, you'll need to read and be familiar with how we're running games these days. Check out our online gaming FAQ!

More games to come, watch this page for upcoming events!

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