Friday, July 29, 2016


So long old didn't look like
much but you had it where it counted. 
Yesterday, we retired our old masthead (a hastily made one using MS Paint!) in favor of this incredible new art by illustrator Bill Hauser. He had the arduous task of pulling together something wild, wooly, and as kitchen-sink as the varied games we run.

What he turned in was exactly the cornucopia of space-y imagination we needed. Feast your optics on this:
Click to enlarge this baby!

I told Bill it had to have the usual astronomical suspects (haunted planets, galactic gasses streaming, spacecraft and starbases, etc.) but I wanted some beasts (kosmic kaiju!) in there as well. He outdid himself. And then he went and gave the title a super slick arcade screen effect, as if the lines in the  onscreen version of the logo had been burned in from inside a cathode ray tube display. SO. COOL.

And that endless ocean of stars. ADDED. BY. HAND. 

Expect to see this art on new flyers, posters, my car, my bedroom ceiling, the inside of my eyelids, and other swag as we welcome more players and game masters to our little corner of the multiverse. 

Way to go Bill!