Sunday, September 23, 2018

Do you dare unravel the mystery of DEAD MAN'S HAND?

We've got a spooky scenario lined up for October's game! DEAD MAN'S HAND is an original adventure for the wild and weird Mutant Crawl Classics RPG. You'll join a team of mutants and seekers as you go delving into a ghastly, ghostly, long-lost vessel...
For long centuries it has drifted through radioactive oceans: the last great vessel of the last navy on Terra AD. No captain commands it. No crew serves it. But it is far from empty. Deep in the hangars and cargo holds lurk unknown menaces, some made by man in his folly, and others from the Great Black--or even Beyond the Veil of this world. How long can even your canny mutants and seekers survive when faced with the unspeakable horror of the Death Ship?!    

6:00 pm / Saturday, October 13
Source Comics + Games



  • All materials provided, including pre-generated characters!
  • No prior experience needed!
  • This is a FREE event!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Join us for SCI FI CON at the Science Museum of Minnesota!

We're bringing RPG Academy back to the Science Museum of Minnesota for Social Science: SCI FI CON! We'll be there to give a primer on sci-fi roleplaying and tabletop board games for the 21+ crowd.

Join us on Thursday, October 11 to learn about roleplaying games, test your mettle with geek trivia, and enter to win cool prizes. Everyone who plays games with us will take home a free d20 die!

SCI FI CON is a spectacle for all fans of cosplay, comics, and nerd-series classics. Dress up as your favorite superhero, Jedi, or other pop culture hero. Social Science is a unique, 21+ museum event where you can roam the halls explore the exhibits at night!

6:00 pm / Thursday, October 11
Science Museum of Minnesota

We're going to blast-off into the future for some roleplaying game fun:
  • Try out an exciting tabletop game in our RPG Academy booth!
  • Test your knowledge of geeky pop culture! 
  • Enter to win cool tabletop game gear!
  • The first 50 participants will take home a twenty-sided die!
If you've ever wondered about roleplaying games, this is the event for you! You'll get a crash course in RPGs and learn all about tabletop games!

RSVP on SMM's Facebook event page.

Need a ride? 

Metro Transit offers free transportation via bus and light rail from 5-11 p.m. for Social Science. Get your free ride pass NOW!