Sunday, November 22, 2015

December: FASA Star Trek: "Without a Trace"

Well, our first year is coming to a close. When we saw the announcement about a brand new Star Trek TV show in 2017 we knew we had to finish the year out big!

Game master Erik Mornes is running a thrilling adventure called WITHOUT A TRACE! He'll be using old school FASA rules, set during The Next Generation era (or at least post-Kirk and company) aboard the U.S.S Excalibur, an Ambassador Class Federation starship. You might recognize it as the same class as the Enterprise C, highlighted in a few episodes of TNG.

It started out as just a friendly conversation--until suddenly there was no one left to talk to! The crew of Deep Space 39 has disappeared. You and your crew, the U.S.S. Excalibur, must find out why--before they too are among the vanished.
6:00 pm / Saturday, December 5
Source Comics + Games
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UPDATE: You can also RSVP on the SNSO Google+ Community page. Click the image below:

  • No previous experience with FASA rules necessary
  • BYO dice (2d10)
  • Character templates provided
  • As always, this event is FREE

Watch for more exciting Saturday Night Space Opera developments in 2016! 

Image: Enterprise C model by Propstore.