Sunday, January 1, 2017


We're taking the New Year one parsec at at time and easing into our tabletop itinerary with some relaxing board game fun!

Come try out a variety of cool, new space games, including:





...or bring YOUR favorite space opera board game to try out!!

6:00 pm / Saturday, January 7
Source Comics & Games

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Monday, November 21, 2016

DECEMBER Star Wars: Rebels caught at the wrong place at the wrong time!

The premiere of the latest tale in the Star Wars saga, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is just a few weeks away! We can't contain our excitement an longer--we need some Star Wars RPG action!

Game master Matt Towle returns to run one of his favorite systems--Star Wars Roleplaying Game (Second Edition) by West End Games. Remember when Princess Leia seemingly gave up her pals to Governor Tarkin on the Death Star? It seemed as if she'd ratted out the location of the rebel base. Luckily for her Tarkin wasn't into blasting Dantooine just then. But you better believe he followed up on that tip--and woe to any rebel who didn't get the message to stay away!

Here's a synopsis for Matt's original, one-shot adventure: LAST CALL ON DANTOOINE!
A team of out-of-touch rebels arrive at the main rebel base on Dantooine, months after the Alliance has moved on. It won't be long before they have a little company--Imperial company! A free-form adventure that might lead anywhere, from the badlands of Dantooine to the spice mines of Kessel!
Can your team of rebels survive on the run from Imperials?

Concept art by Ralph McQuarrie

What other dangers await you if you escape the doomed rebel outpost? Climb aboard and find out!

6:30 pm / Saturday, December 3
Source Comics & Games

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  • No previous experience with West End Games necessary 
  • BYO dice (the usual variety of polyhedrals will do!)
  • Character templates provided
  • As always, this event is FREE

Friday, November 4, 2016

FAR TREK! Bring Back Vulcan!

UPDATE: Far Trek has been rescheduled for Saturday, December 10 at Fantasy Flight Games.

Our tribute to everything Trek continues! This time it's an old favorite with a new twist as game master John Till leads a session of Far Trek, an indy, fan-created RPG set in the original era of the Star Trek universe. It combines material from 60s TV series, plus the 70s animated series, and various other sources.

The twist is the adventure itself--set in the Kelvin timeline of the new films. But everything still looks like the classic Trek you know and love. Here's the mission brief for his original adventure, BRING BACK VULCAN:
Can Romulans and the Federation work together to reverse the greatest disaster in the history of the Alpha Quadrant? See for yourself, as teams from both civilizations come together to rescue the Vulcan homeworld from oblivion.
Will the crew succeed in their plan to help the Vulcan race live long and prosper?

Beam up and join us to find out!

6:30 pm / Saturday, November 12 December 10
Fantasy Flight Game Center

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You can also RSVP through the Contact page. Be sure to set coordinates to Fantasy Flight Games Center in Roseville.


Monday, October 31, 2016

NOV 5 - FASA Star Trek: "A Matter of Honor" starring the GORN!

YIKES--almost forgot to remind everyone that this coming Saturday is a new adventure aboard the USS Excalibur, with game master Erik Mornes! Join us for a stand off with the Gorn, everyone's favorite bug-eyed space reptiles in STAR TREK: EXCALIBUR - A MATTER OF HONOR!

This is a "Next Trek" adventure, set in the Next Generation timeline, aboard an AMBASSADOR Class starship (think Enterprise C). So the Gorn may not be as slothful as their original era counterparts!

Here's the mission brief:
Although the Federation and the Gorn Alliance have maintained an uneasy truce for a century, a band of Gorn renegades have been raiding Federation shipping, threatening to jeopardize the peace. The Alliance is unwilling to allow Starfleet to operate against the renegades, without first giving them the option to willingly cease hostilities. Therefore, USS Excalibur has been dispatched to transport a Gorn envoy to deliver an ultimatum to the renegades ... as a matter of honor!
6:30 pm / Saturday, November 5
Source Comics & Games

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  • No previous experience with FASA rules necessary
  • BYO dice (2d10)
  • Character templates provided
  • As always, this event is FREE
Warp over to the Source this Saturday--you're GORN to love it!