Sunday, June 21, 2020

July SNSO: Spacetime Doctors!

Summer is finally in full swing! This month we're bringing you some of your favorite science fiction TV shows and movies. Sign up now before all the virtual seats are spoken for!

Saturday, July 11 at 6:00 pm

First up is that inimitable timelord DOCTOR WHO!

DOCTOR WHO: Peril on Peladon

GM: John Till
Game system: Doctor Who Roleplaying Game by Cubicle 7
Chat platform: Zoom
The Third and Seventh Doctors have visited the feudal backwater planet of Peladon and mixed it up with kings and queens, scheming chancellors, perilous horned bear-pig gods, rebellious miners, renegade Ice Warriors, helpful Mole Men, and alien ambassadors from the interstellar Federation. Now it is your turn to visit Peladon! As mysterious forces once again destabilize this world, can you spare it from spinning out of control?    

Emergency on the bridge!
Join the crew of an emergency medical/science vessel called to the Neutral Zone in this TOS movie-era adventure!

USS Aegimus, Medical/Science vessel

STAR TREK: Medical Logs

GM: Jeff Conrad
Game system: Star Trek The Roleplaying Game by FASA
Chat platform: Zoom
Set during era of Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock, the USS Aegimus, a lightly-armed Oberth Class Medical/Science vessel is on an emergency supply run near the Romulan Neutral Zone, when it receives an urgent transmission from Starfleet. A mysterious civilian ship intends to cross into The Zone. How will your crew--with no other help in the area--decide which takes priority and how to handle what comes next?   

Must Read: SNSO Online Games Primer
Before you beam up to our Zoom rooms, you'll need to read and be familiar with how we're running games these days. Check out our online gaming FAQ!

Monday, May 25, 2020

JUNE SNSO: Sword and Planet Adventures!

Summer is JUST ABOUT here and we've got a plethora of planetary escapism! Games are always free and you don't need anything to play. Newbies and veterans alike are encouraged to sign up!

Games fill up fast so set your sights on these science fantasy epics and sign up now!

Saturday, June 13 at 6:00 pm

Leading the way is John Carter of Mars, the classic tales by Edgar Rice Burroughs re-spun into a fantastic roleplaying game!

JOHN CARTER OF MARS: The Sand Sargasso of Mars

GM: John Till
Game system: John Carter of Mars from Modiphius
Chat platform: Zoom
On your way back to the Twin Cities of Helium from overthrowing the terrible tyrant of the City-State of Amhor, your flyer crashes in the desert amidst the ruins of numerous flyers that fell in a terrible ancient battle.  Can you find the parts you need to get back in the air? Are their treasures to find among the wrecked sky ships? And what is rumbling within the ruins?   

More futuristic fantasy...
GM Leo has cooked up something special with an original adventure for Masters of Umdaar, a setting  that pays tribute to themes like Masters of the Universe. And check out the art he illustrated for the game!

MASTERS OF UMDAAR: Have (Lo)Gun - Will Travel

GM: Leo Winstead
Game system: FATE Accelerated by Evil Hat Productions
Chat platform: Zoom
An evil master seeks the Gurn, a powerful relic of the ancients.  The cyborg creation of a mad inventor roams the desert, leaving a trail of misfortune in its wake. The cyborg holds the key to unlocking the relic's power.  It's up to the PCs to prevent the relic from falling in the wrong hands. 

Must Read: SNSO Online Games Primer
Before you beam up to our Zoom rooms, you'll need to read and be familiar with how we're running games these days. Check out our online gaming FAQ!

More games to come, watch this page for upcoming events!

Friday, May 8, 2020

MAY SNSO: Star Trek, Space Elves, and Traveller!

We're back with a bevy of interstellar adventure to keep you energized in quarantine! Check out what we've got in store over the next two weekends...

Saturday, May 16 at 6:00 pm

First up is a Star Trek Adventures session from March that we're finally getting into warp speed.

Star Trek Adventures: The Search for Spock 2 - A (Re)Animated Adventure

GM: John Till
Game system: Star Trek Adventures from Modiphius
Chat platform: Zoom
Whatever happened to Spock 2, that giant clone of the galaxy's most famous Vulcan? Do flying plant pterodactyls actually exist, or is this another one of Captain Kirk's unverifiable claims? The crew of the U.S.S. Infinity head to the planet Phylos to continue their investigations into the legendary fourth-year missions of the U.S.S. Enterprise (i.e., the Animated Series).   

Also that night, Jen runs an adapted version of an original scifi adventure for AFF that she says is "elves in space with an acid-fantasy twist!"

Advanced Fighting Fantasy: Stars Above As Below

GM: Jenifer Doll
Game system: Advanced Fighting Fantasy (2nd Ed.)
Chat platform: Zoom
Negotiating with the Demondrive of your ship is difficult at the best of times. Far more so now that an astral spider has knocked you out of the Etherstream and left you adrift in an unfamiliar starfield, near a strangely compelling Terra-like planet... 

Saturday, May 23 at 5:30 pm 

The following weekend, Matt is taking you grunts back into space on a Traveller adventure!

Traveller: Across the Bright Face

GM: Matt Towle
Game system: Traveller from Mongoose Publishing (2nd Ed.)
Chat platform: Zoom
It started like any job. Your band of mercs provided security for your patron as she visited the mining facilities on Dinom. The eccentric orbit of the planet means you stayed in the habitable Twilight Band, neither boiling hot, nor frozen solid. What disaster compels you now to leave that safety behind and venture ACROSS THE BRIGHT FACE?

Must Read: SNSO Online Games Primer

Before you beam up to our Zoom rooms, you'll need to read and be familiar with how we're running games these days. Check out our online gaming FAQ!

Sunday, April 12, 2020

We're back! SNSO Games Arrive Online!

We took a hiatus, but we're back! Oh boy, has it been a month. When did real life turn into the plot of a B-grade science fiction movie? (Hey, we know a thing or two about those!). So life with COVID-19 isn't so great, but maybe we can make the Stay At Home order a little less maddening...

GREAT NEWS: We're hosting our first SNSO game online! 
We've asked GM Erik to polish up the Star Trek game he was going to run in March and he's agreed to take us to warp THIS SATURDAY!

Now, this is a bit of test for us tabletop GMs. So just to be clear, there are a few ground rules:

1. This is a local event. We're still dedicated to serving our local community, so all the players need to be from the Twin Cities metro. We may expand at a later time, but for right now, we're sticking to our core mission of running games for those in our community. 

2. This is a camera-on game via Zoom. We still want to see faces and make this a safe environment for all participants. All players expected to do so with their camera on so everyone knows who's at the virtual table. And also, please mute your mic when you're not speaking, so everyone can be heard in turn. 

3. Be courteous, kind, and game with gusto! We play with the greatest players in the metro--whether they're newbies or old school game veterans. That said, we still expect everyone to behave accordingly. We know you've all been stuck inside for weeks--we're right there with you! Evildoers will be electronically shown the door. That's it really--be good to each other and have a heck of a time!

WHERE: Zoom Meeting 
WHEN: Saturday, April 18 at 6 p.m. sharp

Questions? Here's an FAQ:

How will I join the game? 

We've got 5 seats open and it's first come, first served. We'll notify the first 5 participants via email and include a Zoom link for Saturday. THIS IS YOUR TICKET. Do not share it with anyone. Which bring up another question.

What if I don't know much about Zoom or online games?

You're in luck! We'll have GM Jen on hand to do a quick primer on Zoom for those who've not tried it out. So no worries, cadet!

Do I need to bring anything?

Actually yes, make sure you've got some earbuds or headphones to plug into your computer. You'll also need a broadband connection to play. If your connection is too slow for you to keep up, we may need to drop you from the game to keep it from effecting other players. Just so you know. Oh--and you don't need dice, but if you have the usual assortment of polyhedrals, it's never a bad idea.

What if I'm late?

We were happy to accommodate players who showed up late to the table when we ran in-person games. For everyone's security and safety, we'll be closing the game room by 6:15. This reduces our risk of having someone Zoombomb in. So, short answer: DON'T BE LATE.

Can I bring my friends? 

Sorry, but no. This one hurts us as much as you because it's what made SNSO so inviting. But if you get into the game (see below) you'll get a link to play via Zoom. If you share that link, you've essentially made it impossible for us to run a safe game, so you and your pal won't be able to play. 

How will I choose a character?

Those that have gamed with us before know that we always provide pre-generated characters or character templates to choose from. It helps us get right to the gaming part of the gaming! Once you're in the online Zoom meeting, we'll share character options in Zoom's chat window and you can choose from there. 

How will I roll dice?

Currently, the plan is to use a companion app. The GM may roll all the rolls on-screen just to keep things honest. We thought about the honor system as a back up--and it may come to that. But we'll do our best to keep things as transparent as possible. 

Will there be more games?

You bet there will! We've got a bunch of GMs waiting in the hangar bays to run more RPGs via online face-to-face apps. Watch for more updates, coming soon!