Friday, March 24, 2017

April Brings: CYPHER System Star Trek!

No, not a rain shower and definitely NOT a practical joke--we've got something special lined up for the first of April -- an awesome, original Star Trek adventure by Erich Doll: STAR TREK: TO A FLAME! If you're looking for an easy-to-learn Trek game, this is the one--we'll be using the Cypher System roleplaying game rules by Monte Cook Games.

This is a "Next Trek" adventure is set in the Next Generation timeline, aboard The USS Hopper, a Galaxy class starship. The three branches of Starfleet have been mapped to the three main classes in Cypher--maximizing their roleplaying potential!

Here's the mission brief:
USS Hopper, Captain's Log: Star Date 43417.1. While returning from a Terra-forming mission in a remote sector of the Alpha Quadrant, we picked up what might be a distress signal although the language was not in the Federation database and we needed a larger sample before our ship's computer could use its heuristic translation algorithm. Being the only Federation ship nearby we were pressed to investigate. We did find a ship, that again wasn't in the Federation database, but it did not respond to our hails or show any sign of a living crew. We transported a hand-picked away team onto the ship and this is their report...
6:00 pm / Saturday, April 1
Source Comics & Games

RSVP on the SNSO Google+ Community page. Click the image below:

You can also RSVP through the Contact page. And stay on this hailing frequency for more Trek-related games throughout November!

  • BYO dice (d6, 2d10, and d20)
  • Pre-generated character templates
  • No prior experience with Cypher rules necessary

Saturday, March 4, 2017

WANTED: Players who love scifi!

Our games are always free and open to new players. We rotate game masters who typically run one-off adventures you can play in a few hours with little or no experience. 

Come join us for some far-out, sci-fi fun!

Check out the Players page for more info