Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jan. SNSO: Join Kylo Ren's Special Operations Battalion!

The weather outside is still FRIGHTFUL. And since there's no sign of it stopping, we thought everyone should have the chance to warm themselves with a little extra blasterfire in the coldest days of winter. So we're bringing Kylo back!

Come join us for an exciting kick off to the New Year with a new The Last Jedi adventure!

Mission Details: 

As troopers of the 501st Legion of the First Order, you report directly to Kylo Ren. As members of the Special Operations Battalion (S.O.B.), you handle all the jobs too sensitive for the power of the Legion.  The missions will be dangerous and the enemies familiar--so Stay Frosty troopers!
Game System: Stay Frosty by Garske Games (an awesome pointcrawl-style RPG!)
GM: Patrick Schifano

6:00 pm / Saturday, January 13
Source Comics + Games

Click the image below to RSVP directly on our Google Plus Event page!

  • All materials provided--just sit down and play!
  • Pre-generated characters provided!
  • No prior experience needed!
  • This is a FREE event!