Saturday, June 25, 2016

Face a fleet of "undead" battlecruisers in YESTERDAY'S ARMAGEDDON!

Rev up your rocket cycle--something wicked this sector comes! Game Master  Matt Towle has planned a swashbuckling space adventure full of far-flung flavor and gonzo imagination, called: YESTERDAY'S ARMAGEDDON! Matt will run the Cypher System, a fantastic story-based set of rules by Monte Cook Games. If you're new to Cypher, this is a great chance to get your feet wet. And if you're an experienced Cypher gamer, you'll have a blast!

Science Research Moonbase Lambda Seven, located on the airless moon of Harmony orbiting the spectacular gas giant Coronado 7, has been left in peace for months. Even the Junk Pirates that tried to pillage the moonbase time and again have not paid you a visit. The only time you have to dust off the SC104 Thunderbolt moonhoppers is when your cabin fever overwhelms your good sense.

But something is coming. The mistakes of your ancestors gave rise to the Vampire Fleets of legend. And legend has it that the ancient, autonomous, unstoppable battlecruisers of old were all destroyed during the war that destroyed the First Terran Empire. All the Artificial Intelligences were blown to dust, their inhuman, remorseless fury converted to base molecules in the worst conflict in human history. It is possible that the legends are wrong.

Your tranquil existence on the edge of known space is about to change forever. 

Take your protein pills and put your helmet on! 
No experience is needed to play, but if you're an experienced Cypher, Numenera, or The Strange player you might be interested in the following:
  • A Cypher System sci-fi adventure, players will be journeyman scientists, technical support staff, or dilettante relatives of Professor Gillespie, the director of the Moonbase. 
  • Tier 1 characters. No advanced computer skills (now a lost science), no nano-tech, no psi powers.
  • Space vehicles use high-efficiency reaction thrusters (i.e., rockets) and interstellar travel takes weeks and is expensive and therefore, rare. 
  • Players can expect to engage in exciting space battles, boarding actions, and be tested by a foe unseen by human eyes for centuries.

6:00 pm / Saturday, July 2
Source Comics + Games
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You also can RSVP on the SNSO Google+ Community page.

  • BYO dice (d6, 2d10, and d20)
  • Pre-generated character templates
  • No prior experience with Cypher rules necessary
  • Check out this free preview of Cypher rules