Tuesday, May 1, 2018


We've got not one, but TWO great games, packed with excitement this month! Just in time for that giant Avengers crossover movie and the new Han Solo flick. Play a slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler or scruffy-looking nerf herder, looking for fame and fortune as you gallivant across the galaxy!

Choose from one of the misfit Guardians of the Galaxy from the Marvel universe or play a quick-draw space smuggler with a wry smile. Either way, space outlaws rule the day!

Mission One: Guardians of the Galaxy: The Mad Titan

The insidious Thanos has stolen a Cosmic Cube, and a combined team of mighty Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy pursue him to Moord, homeworld of the warlike Badoon. Facing a gigantic Badoon warship, can our heroes stop Thanos before he unlocks the unspeakable power of the Cosmic Cube? Hang on to your ray guns, True Believers!
Game SystemMarvel Heroic Roleplaying by Margaret Weis Productions
GM: Erik Mornes  

Mission Two: Star Wars: Tern, A Prophet...

Eagle-eyed smuggler Tern Heldo threw you a party last night, and late in the evening let on that he was worried someone was out to "close his accounts". Today, he's missing. Will your band of scoundrels, rapscallions, and ne'er-do-wells find out who--or what-- got him before your oldest surviving friend is gone for good?
Game System: Star Wars Roleplaying Game by West End Games
GM: Matt Towle  

6:00 pm / Saturday, May 12
Source Comics + Games

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  • All materials provided--just sit down and play!
  • Pre-generated characters provided!
  • No prior experience needed!
  • This is a FREE event!

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