Sunday, October 15, 2017

Did you get one of these figure packs?

If you were at Tabletop Tesseract this past weekend or happened to stop by Source Comics and Games recently you might have picked up this figure pack. Well, CONGRATS space ranger--this is your official invite to come play sci-fi RPGs with us for FREE!

We run one-shot adventures for all kinds of games, the Second Saturday at the Source (say that five times fast!). You might recognize some of them as the Galaxy Laser Team, space "army man" style figures.

Get a free tabletop wargame for your minis!

Sign up to get updates from us via the Become a Member page, and you'll get a download link for MAD ASTRA, an open-license, space wargame to play with your minis!

It's quick and easy and you get it all for free!!

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