Sunday, July 23, 2017

August is a Mutant Mashup: EPSILON CITY BLUES!

August tabletops are HEATING UP, but it's not the seasons--it's the RADIATION! We've got a special treat--two in fact--a mashup of old and new mutant mayhem: Metamorphosis Alpha and Mutant Crawl Classics! Goodman games has brought the former RPG back from the brink and the latter one is their own mutation, based on the hit Dungeon Crawl Classics! GM Matt Towle leads your party on a wasteland quest.

Your tribe has been at peace with the Wolfoids for years. Now, all that has changed. Can your tribe survive the Blue Plague? Can you discover the identity of the God Who Screams? Can you even figure out how to use the elevator? Grab your wooden spear and your glow-balls, it's time for EPSILON CITY BLUES...
6:00 pm / Saturday, August 12
Source Comics + Games
Adventure awaits: RSVP now!

You also can RSVP on the SNSO Google+ Community page. Click the image below:


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