Monday, October 31, 2016

NOV 5 - FASA Star Trek: "A Matter of Honor" starring the GORN!

YIKES--almost forgot to remind everyone that this coming Saturday is a new adventure aboard the USS Excalibur, with game master Erik Mornes! Join us for a stand off with the Gorn, everyone's favorite bug-eyed space reptiles in STAR TREK: EXCALIBUR - A MATTER OF HONOR!

This is a "Next Trek" adventure, set in the Next Generation timeline, aboard an AMBASSADOR Class starship (think Enterprise C). So the Gorn may not be as slothful as their original era counterparts!

Here's the mission brief:
Although the Federation and the Gorn Alliance have maintained an uneasy truce for a century, a band of Gorn renegades have been raiding Federation shipping, threatening to jeopardize the peace. The Alliance is unwilling to allow Starfleet to operate against the renegades, without first giving them the option to willingly cease hostilities. Therefore, USS Excalibur has been dispatched to transport a Gorn envoy to deliver an ultimatum to the renegades ... as a matter of honor!
6:30 pm / Saturday, November 5
Source Comics & Games

RSVP on the SNSO Google+ Community page. Click the image below:

You can also RSVP through the Contact page. And stay on this hailing frequency for more Trek-related games throughout November!

  • No previous experience with FASA rules necessary
  • BYO dice (2d10)
  • Character templates provided
  • As always, this event is FREE
Warp over to the Source this Saturday--you're GORN to love it! 

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