Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cosmic Patrol on Free RPG Day!

It's space opera! On a Saturday night! Okay, so maybe it's not our regular, all-official night, but we'll be at the Source playing Cosmic Patrol by Catalyst Game Labs on June 20--Free RPG Day!

Come join us for some pulp space escapades in the retro cosmos.  Cosmic Patrol is a rules-light, collaborative story-based game. Here's the particulars:
  • 6pm - close at Source Comics & Games 
  • Pre-generated male and female characters will be provided 
  • BYO polyhedrals
We'll be playing a new adventure designed just for Free RPG Day: "The Doomsday Protocols" so make sure your ray gun is electrified and ready for action!


  1. Where did you get the cool little spacemen in the pic?

    1. They're from an old Buck Rogers board game. Very theme-appropriate!